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Jule Walsh

Penn Law Student
Jule Walsh  - I am a Paterno Fellow

Jule Walsh Penn Law Student

Jule Walsh  - I am a Paterno Fellow

Jule Walsh: Experiences Count

It really is amazing how much trips and other life experiences can really shape what paths we choose to travel.

Jule Walsh (’15, History, Anthropology, Political Science) is living proof of that.  She entered Penn State as a history major already knowing that she wanted to go to law school after graduation.  “I grew up going to colonial Williamsburg with my family pretty much every summer,” Jule says—about a week after the latest family trip there, coincidentally.  “I always enjoyed the historic aspect of being there, which really helped shape my interest in history as a major.”

Adding anthropology as a major once she was here seemed like a natural progression, Jule recalls.  Whereas history allowed her to study past events, “anthropology gave me the chance to study what shapes the way we are as a culture.”  The reason for adding the political science major, meanwhile, was simple: “I’ve always been interested in learning more about the inner workings of government,” she admits.

As a Paterno Fellow, Jule had the chance to explore her interest in government even further as an intern for U.S. Senator Robert Casey.  “I really enjoyed learning about the legislation and the process behind it,” Jule says.  “Now when I see or hear what’s going on in Congress, I have a better perspective on what’s going on behind closed doors.”

Being a Paterno Fellow also gave Jule the opportunity to spend six weeks in Sri Lanka interning for the Malini Foundation—a nonprofit dedicated to providing a healthy, sustainable living environment for impoverished girls in that country.  “I always wanted to learn more about nonprofits and how they operated, but not necessarily in a way it would normally be taught,” she says.  “Having the opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka was amazing.”

While Jule had already been accepted into the Schreyer Honors College before starting classes, it wasn’t until she set foot on campus that she learned of the Paterno Fellows Program.  As soon as she heard about the program, however, she knew she wanted to apply.  “I thought the program would challenge me to do things that I’m not sure I would have necessarily done otherwise,” she admits.

In addition to the internship and study abroad experience—as well as another internship with Schreyer Honors College Career Services—Jule says the Paterno Fellows Program always offered a host of workshops and speakers series, along with opportunities to network with “amazing professors and alumni.”

Jule realizes that the requirements needed to graduate as a Paterno Fellow were meant to challenge students; but, she also understands and appreciates why those requirements were selected.  “I definitely feel as though being a Paterno Fellow has given me a leg up on other students going into law school,” she says.

As she prepares to begin her first year as a law student at the University of Pennsylvania, she has one message to share with those thinking of becoming a Paterno Fellow: “Do it.  Take advantage of the opportunities being a Paterno Fellow gives you, because there are so many opportunities to take advantage of. To pass them by would be a shame.”

She is also grateful to the alumni and friends who help support the program.  “I would never have been able to do an unpaid internship or study abroad if not for the support that made it possible,” she says.  “I can never thank them enough.”

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